The Community Press Project

This is a forthcoming effort to teach screen printing classes and provide screen printing equipment and facilities for use to members, with the aim of eventually providing artist studios for rent, art class spaces for additional mediums, event spaces, galleries, and more.

The Community Press Project was born from a desire to live honestly and to nurture a community where people can pursue their creative passions, share knowledge with their peers, realize their visions, and cultivate their artistic spirit. Together, this community will generate a resilient and accepting space where a supportive and creative environment can thrive.

The same hands-on attitude that created Dead Eye Prints will lay the foundation for the Community Press Project.


The Community Press Project brings collective attention back to the healing, unifying, and self-enlightening tools of art and hand-making through teaching classes, providing creator and event spaces, and above all, bringing our offerings to the community in a way that is most accessible to them.

CPP aims to remove the financial barriers to and exclusivity of art-making, opening doors for community members who may have otherwise not had the opportunity available to them.


The Community Press Project takes the collaborative spirit of Dead Eye Prints and pushes it further, bringing it to a wider audience and meeting them exactly where they are. 

Our first effort in this realm will be to share DEP’s art-making experience through teaching skills to the community via screen printing classes (as well as classes focused on additional printmaking techniques, painting, drawing, and other art-making from sewing to cyanotypes) with sliding-scale pricing; the classes will be financially accessible to as many people as possible while fairly compensating the artists/makers leading these classes. These classes can take place virtually or in-person (as it is safe to do so) at DEP’s headquarters in South Deerfield, MA.

As this work grows, so will the Community Press Project’s offerings. When CPP outgrows the DEP headquarters we will transition to a larger, separate building in Western Massachusetts where we will continue to offer classes and a community space for arts-focused connection and education. This establishment will provide creator and teacher studios, private and community event spaces, and gallery exhibition spaces. Not only will CPP be driving efforts to teach and reach the community, but we will also be welcoming a wider array of other artists and makers to do the same.

The Community Press Project will constantly assess the needs and desires of our community throughout our development by soliciting feedback every step of the way. Currently, we hope to be able to bring features like a package-free store (inspired by bulk-buying sections of stores like River Valley Co-Op in Northampton and Easthampton) and a buy-nothing “store” (inspired by Buy Nothing Project) to our offerings once CPP is able to.

To stay updated on CPP's development or to get involved, email